Benefits of pre-rolls

While smoking dried flower is the most popular cannabis consumption method, not everyone is skilled in rolling the perfect joint or blunt.

When the weed is packed too loose or too tight, if there’s not enough or too much of it, the joint may burn too quickly or refuse to stay lit.

It can develop an extra long ash. The overall experience suffers. Plus, there’s the requirement of bringing along the tools to assemble the joint prior to smoking. Pre-rolls allow consumers to immediately enjoy smoking cannabis without needing to prepare it. Pre-rolls are portable, safe and simple. While some can be filled with lesser quality cannabis, such as trim and shake, there are also top-shelf options on the market. The dried bud can be hand- or machine-rolled in a joint, blunt, cone or a wide variety of wraps. They can be infused with concentrates, such as kief, and mixed with any type of strain to add a boost of flavor and THC potency. The effects of smoking cannabis are typically felt within half an hour to two hours, depending on what the pre-roll is filled with. One of the advantages of pre-rolls is that consumers know exactly what they are getting. They are clearly labeled with the percentage of cannabinoids and typically lab-tested and verified. They are available in all different strains and sold in both singles and packs. The singles are especially affordable, making it easy to try different blends, brands and mixtures to find the right fit. There is no need to invest in specialized gear such as a grinder, rolling tray or rolling papers. There is no mess, waste or preparation involved with consumption. All it takes is the flick of a lighter to sit back and appreciate a smooth and even burn. It’s really not surprising that pre-rolls are one of the biggest sellers. More and more brands are producing new types of pre-rolls and offering an incredible array of potent and flavorful options.


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