Determining good quality cannabis buds

When shopping at the dispensary, the term “flower” refers to the dried and cured booms of the female cannabis plant. It is sometimes referred to as buds or nubs. Cannabis flower usually contains THC which results in psychoactive effects. Some flower offers higher CBD content and lower THC percentages to minimize the euphoric sensations while still providing the medical benefits of CBD. There are hundreds of  different strains of flower, each offering unique properties. While it can take some experimentation to find the strains of flower that create the preferred effects, determining good quality weed from bad isn’t all that difficult. There are characteristics to look for that reveal the integrity of the cultivation and processing. Trichomes are tiny, mushroom-shaped crystals that can be found on the surface of the bud. They contain all the cannabinoid and terpene content. The more trichomes, the more potent the THC percentages. Bud that has been properly dried and cured will feature a plentiful coating of trichomes. The weed should have a green color, often with flecks of purple or orange. There should be a great deal of orange, hair-like pistils. These hairs are evidence of well-pollinated, mature plants. If the pistils are brown, it might be old or contain pesticides or mold. If they are white, the plant was harvested too early. Any sign of mold or white threads that resemble a spider web is bad. There should be very few sticks and stems and no seeds at all. Thicker bud is better. A well-trimmed bud with no leaves or stems proves that the cannabis was conscientiously packaged. Texture is also something to consider. High quality weed falls somewhere in-between wet and dry. Properly cured weed won’t feel dusty, sticky or overly moist. It will give off that fresh and dank aroma that is unique to cannabis. Bad cannabis will smell more like fresh cut grass or hay. One of the best ways to tell good weed, is the taste. It should offer a unique terpene profile and fresh taste.

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