Did you know that cannabis can help with arthritis?

While there is a long way to go before we fully understand and unlock the potential of the cannabis plant, more and more patients are taking advantage of this natural opportunity for medicinal remedies. New brands and strains are continually being introduced, many of them hybrids targeted at specific health concerns. There has also been new innovation in consumption methods. Today’s flowers are grown free of pesticides, harvested at the peak of maturity and packaged safely. The bud available for purchase in the local dispensary displays a bright green color, an abundance of orange pistils and plenty of trichomes. Modern smokable weed offers unprecedented THC ratios and a more consistent burn. The simplicity of pre-rolls offers both recreational users and medicinal patients the smoking experience with none of the work of assembling a blunt or joint. There’s a wide range of vapes, a nearly endless selection of edibles, cannabis-infused drinks, all sorts of topicals, discreet tinctures and concentrates that include hash, live resin, sauce, diamonds, shatter, wax and more.

All of these products are good news for anyone living with problems such as chronic pain, inflammation, stress, skin concerns, depression, insomnia, migraines and more. People who have sacrificed quality of life due to conditions such as arthritis, have new hope for improvement. CBD is proving especially helpful in treating the swelling, stiffness and pain of arthritis. There are full-spectrum tinctures and topicals that allow the symptoms to be treated from both the inside and the outside. Both of these delivery methods are especially safe, simple and don’t draw attention. Because of this, cannabis as a curative for arthritis isn’t quite so intimidating for older adults.  

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