Getting to know terpenes

There are all sorts of terms surrounding cannabis. Many of these descriptions and categories are unfamiliar and slightly overwhelming to beginners. More and more, terpenes are playing a role in the effects and experience provided by different products. While most people haven’t heard of terpenes, they are actually found in a variety of plants. They are what give them unique scents and tastes. For cannabis, the aromatic compounds also influence effects. There is new evidence suggesting that terpenes might provide therapeutic benefits. Terpenes can be more important than the THC content when selecting the desired effects of a strain. When terpenes and cannabinoids partner synergistically together, they create specific rewards and effects due to the full spectrum aspect. This is called the Entourage Effect. The cannabis plant provides over 200 terpene varieties. The terpene profiles of different cannabis strains offer distinctive flavors and scents that influence both body and mind. Learning the ins and outs of cannabis terpene characteristics and curative potential allows medicinal patience to get more out of their medicine choices. Myrcene is the most common terpene and found in over 20% of profiles. This abundant terpene smells earthy and herbal with hints of various spices. Limonene is one of the strongest smelling terpenes. It is very citrusy, with an aroma that sometimes hides other terpenes. Pinene terpenes are easy to identify because of the pine tree-like fragrance. Linalool is a cannabis terpene that is also found in hundreds of other plants. It has a laender-like smell mixed with a range of floral scents, sweet citrus and spice. 

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