I can’t believe that some states have cannabis delivery!

The cannabis community is built on acceptance and compassion. This inclusive culture welcomes medicinal patients as well as recreational enthusiasts. An awareness of the holistic healing properties of cannabis continues to grow and offer exceptional benefits. Along with an increasing number of exciting products and modern dispensaries, delivery services add to accessibility and convenience. For those with medical disabilities and hectic lifestyles, the ability to shop online proves invaluable. Cannabis dispensary websites are available for browsing 24 hours a day and offer clear pictures and concise description of each item. Shoppers can narrow their search by consumption method, strain, weight, price, effects and potency. From flower and pre-rolls to concentrates, topicals, tinctures, vape carts, edibles and accessories, the list of options is nearly endless. A few clicks of the mouse is all it takes to select favorites and add them to the car. Once an account is established it’s easy to opt for in-store pickup or delivery. While some dispensaries accept credit cards, most require cash payment on receipt. It’s necessary to provide a valid government identification. The process of delivery avoids the hassle of traffic, parking, waiting in lines and inclement weather. If customers meet the purchase requirements, many dispensaries waive the fees for delivery and provide same-day turnaround. The products are properly packaged, securely sealed and arrive at the doorstep. The drivers are fully licensed and insured and in most cases, their progress can be tracked for an accurate ETA. While not every dispensary offers delivery, this helpful service is definitely gaining popularity and continuing to grow the cannabis retail industry. 

Cannabis delivery service

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