Indica and why it’s my favorite strain of cannabis

I am a person who naturally struggles with fatigue and low energy.  My daytime hours are consumed by constant work-related stress and the adversity of being a first time father.  It concerns me when I look at how much coffee I consume throughout the day just to stay awake and moving forward.  But without fail, I will feel lethargic and slow by 2pm if I don’t keep drinking coffee throughout my work shift.  Even though I work from home and make my own hours, I prefer to work during daytime hours because I get tired once it gets dark outside and the melatonin in my brain naturally starts to release.  I couldn’t work a graveyard shift if I tried.  That’s also why I don’t like to take any sedating substances throughout the day.  On that list are indica cannabis strains because they make me much too tired to work if I consume them during daylight hours. 

I lose the ability to function when I need to the most if I have a bunch of indica in my system at any moment in time.  With that said, it doesn’t take much to knock me out in the evening once push comes to shove.  I sometimes take a small bud out of every flower jar I have of indica strains and mix them together.  The combination of various terpenes from each strain makes me so tired that I soon feel so tired that I can easily drift off to sleep without much time needed.  If I want to consume cannabis during daylight hours, I have to reach for an energizing sativa strain instead.

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