Lesser known cannabis consumption methods


Visiting the recreational cannabis dispensary, most people are aware of the more traditional and common consumption methods. Everyone is familiar with smoking dried flower by way of a pipe, joint, blunt or bong. Edibles have been around forever. Finding cannabis-infused brownies and gummies for sale is no surprise. Vapes are fast becoming a more mainstream method, providing discretion, portability and simplicity. However, there are a lot more options available. Just recently, cannabis-infused beverages have entered the market. It has been a struggle for producers to craft cannabis beverages with a pleasant texture and taste. Due to demand, a wide variety of delicious drinks have been created, including tonics, colas, root beers, lemonades, cannabeers and mocktails. There are also drink mixes that provide the distinctive flavors and effects of cannabis. Because of sublingual absorption, drinks offer a faster onset of effects than edibles.

Cannabis infused beverages are easy to consume, portable and simplify dosing.They are ideal for beginners and a great alternative to alcohol. With cannabis, there’s no hangover in the morning. Another emerging favorite is tinctures. Although they’ve actually been around for hundreds of years, the modern generation is just becoming aware of them. Tinctures are produced by soaking cannabis plant material in oil or alcohol and then straining it. They are absorbed by placing a few drops under the tongue and offer a quick onset of effects. The package includes a dropper that makes measuring of dosage very simple. Tinctures can also be added to foods and beverages and consumed just like an edible. The compact bottle fits easily into a pocket and they produce no odors or smoke. When stored properly, tinctures have an especially long shelf-life.

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