Pet tinctures? The cannabis industry is out of control!

Cannabis tinctures continue to increase in popularity because of unique and exceptional benefits. For anyone who prefers to avoid smoking, tinctures are a wonderful alternative. The sublingual dosing is incredibly simple. The included dropper allows for very precision measurements and avoids waste. There are no other pieces of equipment required. The tincture is placed under the tongue and allowed to absorb. Effects can be felt in fifteen to thirty minutes. They are also discreet. No one is alerted to the consumption process because there is no smoke, ash or odors. The small package fits into a pocket, allowing tinctures to be transported just about anywhere. They can also be added to foods and/or beverages and consumed like an edible. The advantage is that tinctures aren’t as high in calories. With storage in a cool and dark place, tinctures can remain fresh and potent for years. Since a little goes a long way, tinctures are fairly affordable. Because of demand, there is an increasing number of tinctures on the market. They can be found in indicas, sativas and hybrids. There are high THC levels as well as broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD options. While tinctures have been used in medicine since ancient times, a relatively new development is pet tinctures. It’s best to purchase pet tinctures from a licensed and reputable cannabis dispensary. The packaging will include an accurate list of cannabinoids. The purpose of pet tinctures is to treat medical ailments such as chronic pain, inflammation, stiffness of the joints and anxiety. It is recommended to seek out the advice of a veterinarian before administering pet tinctures.

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