Recreational cannabis consumption methods

A first-time visit to a recreational cannabis dispensary can be a bit overwhelming. There are a wide selection of brands, strains and consumption methods on the shelves. There is unfamiliar terminology that is difficult to understand. Knowledge is the key to a positive experience. The beginner as well as the well-seasoned connoisseur can benefit from a consultation with a knowledgeable budtender. The effects of cannabis are unique to each person, impacted by metabolism, preferences and all sorts of factors. Finding the ideal fit can take careful experimentation. Most people are somewhat familiar with dried flower that can be smoked by way of a joint, blunt or pipe. For those who aren’t comfortable with rolling, pre-rolls offer an easier option. They are available in singles or packs and are affordable enough to allow sampling of new strains. There are joints and blunts infused with kief to boost potency and those with a higher CBD level. Vaping is a more modern alternative to smoking that reduces the risk of inhaling carcinogens. Refillable and disposable cartridges are very easy to use. All it takes is a push of a button to heat the cannabis oil and turn it into vapor. Because of the popularity of vapes, there are lots of flavors and cannabinoid levels to choose from. Tinctures are wonderfully compact, portable and discreet. They don’t require any special gear or knowledge. The dosage is placed under the tongue and held there until it is dissolved for quick onset of effects. Tinctures can also be added to drinks and foods for delayed effects. When stored properly, tinctures offer an especially long shelf-life. Along with traditional edibles such as brownies and gummies, there are now chocolates, cookies, peanut butter cups and all sorts of beverages.  

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