The beauty of pre-rolls

One of the most popular cannabis delivery methods is traditional smoking. There is something especially beneficial about lighting up a joint, blunt or pipe, inhaling rich cannabinoids and terpenes and experiencing rapid onset of effects. Whether for solitary enjoyment or sharing with friends, smoking weed offers both recreational and medicinal rewards. However, rolling a joint can be frustrating. The process requires some practice, skills and specialized equipment. Adding too much or too little weed can impact the consistency and speed of the burn. The joint may burn too quickly, require constant re-lighting or develop an especially lengthy ash. There’s always waste involved. The solution is pre-rolls. Readily available at every recreational and medicinal dispensary, pre-rolls are simple and cost-effective. They are typically sold in both singles and packs and offered in non-infused and those infused with kief for a boost of potency.

They come in a wide range of hybrids, sativas and indicas and represent a complete spectrum of THC to CBD ratios. They can be hand-rolled or machine-rolled and created from top-shelf cannabis flower or much less expensive shake. They provide exceptional convenience and an economical means of sampling new strains. Pre-rolls are wonderfully portable and are easily shared. Simply light up, inhale and appreciate the flavor. To target specific effects, it’s always recommended to check out the cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The budtenders at the dispensary are normally well-versed in their products and can supply helpful insight. Some of the most well-known pre-rolls are created by brands such as Canndescent, Dad Grass, Dogwalkers, Sundazed and Ganga Gold. There are new strains getting introduced all the time. 

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