There are many types of cannabis. Let’s categorize them

A trip to the recreational dispensary opens up access to a wide world of cannabis products. There are pre-rolls, dried flower and vapes for the smoking enthusiasts. There are edibles, beverages and tinctures for those looking for discretion, ease-of-dosing and portability. CBD products and topicals provide curative properties without psychoactive effects. A wide range of extracts and concentrates deliver sky-high THC potency. The selection of cannabis products are typically divided into three categories. There are indicas, hybrids and sativas. These labels are meant to provide the consumer with a quick and convenient reference point. Sativas are generally associated with a cerebral high. They tend to provide higher percentages of THC and the effects are energizing, motivating and inspiring. They are best for daytime use and can help with stress-relief, chronic pain and motivation for a workout. Indicas are considered to be more about a whole-body high. The term “couch-lock” is used to describe the relaxed, drowsy, easy-going feeling of indica strains. While they are generally higher in CBD, they aren’t necessarily lower in THC percentages. Indicas are favorites for socializing with friends and getting a good night’s sleep. Hybrids are any combination of a sativa and indica parent. They are cultivated for specific effects, such as extra THC potency or robust terpenes. Anyone doing their research will discover that indica and sativa labels are more about the origin of the plant than their actual effects. Sativas grow taller, with thinner leaves while indicas are short, stocky and mature more quickly. However, there has been so much cross-breeding over the years that every strain is now some variation of a hybrid. Once consumers become more familiar and comfortable with their cannabis experience, it’s better to consider the cannabinoids and terpenes of the strain. These natural compounds work together to provide the flavor, aroma, potency and unique effects. 

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