There’s no need to try Marijuana until you are fully comfortable

When I was in school marijuana was considered to be as bad as meth, cocaine and heroin. I remember vividly going to school assemblies and watching videos on how drugs are bad. There was always a section about marijuana use. The kids who smoked weed were the loser kids with no future. My parents were super strict and we were a drug free house. Now that the medical benefits are known about cannabis and state after state is legalizing it, it doesn’t have the reputation anymore. In the back of my mind I still feel like that middle school kid worried about marijuana leading me down a dark path. That is why it took me so long before I started using cannabis for medical reasons. I did college gymnastics for four years and after I was done, I was left with a lot of pain. Specifically, my left knee gives me trouble. If I don’t take care of my knee I can bend my leg, kneel down or squat without it giving out. I used to wear a brace anytime I flew on an airplane or worked out. Occasionally I would take a pain pill or two. A buddy of mine highly recommended trying a topical. At first I had no clue what this was until further research. I then realized that a topical is a mrijuana product. It has CBD, sometimes THC in a cream or oil. It is applied directly to the skin like icy hot but only works so much better. It took me a while to muster the courage to go to a medical marijuana shop and buy it. Now that I have it, I can’t believe I waited so long.

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