Common cannabis consumption methods

There are numerous ways to consume cannabis, each one with unique benefits.

  • For anyone just beginning their cannabis journey, the many options can be confusing.

The right fit depends on many things, including the desired intensity, onset and duration of effects. Some of the methods require some practice and specialized gear while others are very straightforward. There are those that are very discreet while others create odors and ash. One of the most popular delivery methods is dried and cured flower. Sometimes called buds or nugs, flower refers to the consumable part of the cannabis plant. It is smoked by way of a pipe, bong or vape or rolled into a joint or blunt. For many, the smoking experience is as important as the effects. There is something pleasing about lighting up a joint, kicking back and inhaling the rich cannabinoids and terpenes. Smoking is great for sharing and socializing. Vapes are far easier and more discreet. Vaporizers include a chamber for dried cannabis flower or concentrate. The flower or oil is heated to the point of creating vapor. Because there is no combustion, there is far less worry over inhaling carcinogens into the lungs. Plus, more of the cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved, offering exceptional potency and flavor. There is also no telltale odors or smoke. Vapes are extremely easy to use, portable and are available in refillable and disposable varieties. Edibles are another popular option. Cannabis-infused foods are sold in a wide menu of options, including brownies, gummies, chocolates, baked goods, hard candies, popcorn, ice cream and so much more. The dosage is clearly indicated on the package, and they are very easy to consume. Since the cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive tract, the onset of effects is delayed. The effects of edibles can be more intense and tend to be long-lasting. Novices are recommended to start with the lowest suggested dosage and wait several hours before eating more.

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