How to find a medical cannabis dispensary where you’ll be comfortable

They say that as a woman gets older it becomes more difficult for her to sleep. I can attest to that. I wasn’t a good sleeper from the ime I was a teen. So now that I am older, going through menopause, and stressed to the max, sleep seems to elude me. I have tried everything recommended online to wind me down. I do yoga, meditate, eat kiwi and I invested in a sound machine for my bedroom. I even tried sleeping pills for a while. All that did was make me groggy. I found that a lot of people are relying on CBD products from a medical cannabis dispensary. My husband and I do the snowbird thing. In my northern state, recreational cannabis is illegal. To get a medical marijuana card is expensive and quite difficult. Our winter destination in the south is much looser when it comes to medical marijuana. I have now begun the process of changing over and being a southern resident. I have changed my address, bank account and filed my taxes with that address. Now that everything is squared away, I am working on getting a medical cannabis card. I want to get something to help me sleep. I am willing to smoke, eat or rub something on me. Whatever it takes to rest at night. I also don’t care if the product I use only contains CBD or a high percentage of THC. I don’t care if I am high out of my mind, as long as I get a few hours of rest.

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