I like really strong edibles more than smoking marijuana

Getting to travel around the country is a huge luxury and privilege for those of us who did little traveling in our youth.  When my boss asked me if I would consider a position that required me to travel by plane at least once a week, I jumped at the opportunity.  At first it was like a dream come true—I had a few hours at night during each of my trips to explore the cities I was staying in, whether it was standing along the banks of Lake Michigan in Chicago or looking up at the arch in St. Louis. 

I tried to make the most out of my trips around the country and was quickly relishing every moment I got to step onto a plane and fly to another state.  As long as I didn’t drink too much alcohol or party too heavily during my downtime hours, I could have lots of fun while still fulfilling my work duties.  Since I have a medical marijuana card in my home state, there are many states with medical cannabis industries which allow something referred to as “reciprocity.”  It means that you can use an out-of-state medical marijuana card in any state with those rules in place.  For instance, my home state does not offer reciprocity, so you must get an in-state medical marijuana card if you want to shop at any of our weed dispensaries. 

Since this is rare, it’s common to find many other states that do allow for out-of-state medical cannabis users.  I learned how weak our cannabis edibles are here by having much better cannabis edibles in other states.  They often use RSO in their cannabis edibles which creates for a stronger, full spectrum effect compared to cannabis distillate oil.

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