Many Americans support the legalization of cannabis

While marijana is legal under the laws of several states, it’s still illegal under federal law. This is causing all sorts of problems with taxing, interstate commerce and more. So far, the states are deciding the issue independently, but the controversy over legalizing marijuana creates an interesting point in the upcoming elections. With the exception of Joe Biden, all of the higher-polling Democratic presidential candidates support the legalization of cannabis. If the next president takes executive action, this could galvanize Congress to make some moves. According to recent polls, legalization of marijuana is gaining popularity nationwide. In 2001, approximately 34% of US adults agreed with it. In 2019, that number increased to 66%. Both activists and lawmakers are taking the issue more seriously and bringing it to the forefront. Nearly 60% of people want to see medical and recreational use legalized. Less than 10% of Amercians agree with the federal government’s policy on marijuana. Even Republicans are getting on board. Despite the fact that they are typically more skeptical of drug policy reform, the majority of them are actually supporting legalizing pot. Making cannabis and CBD products more readily available and regulated can help to combat the black market for illicit drugs and provide treatment for numerous ailments. Marijuanna is a natural product with none of the long-term side-effects of commercial prescription medicine. While further testing is necessary, cannabis has shown promise in alleviating pain, inflammation, nausea, stress and so much more. People are having success in treating Alzheimer’s, diabetes, seizures, glaucoma and a long list of medical ailments. As legalization continues, hopefully more funds will be devoted to further testing. 

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