The many ways of consuming cannabis

Cannabis affects each person in different ways. Some people prefer smoking flower or vaping while others choose products that offer easier dosing, such as capsules or tinctures. The rapidly-growing categories of options provides plenty of opportunity to cater to tastes, tolerance level, lifestyle and effects. There is no single product that is ideal for everyone and no dosage that fits every need. The effects of a strain or consumption method depends on numerous factories, such as the chemical compounds and the body’s metabolism. Research and responsible experimentation are the keys to determining the right delivery method and potency. The most popular consumption method is traditional smoking. The flower refers to the part of the plant that is harvested, dried and can be packed into a pipe, bong, vape or rolled into a paper for a joint or blunt. Beginners need to practice a bit to get comfortable with the dosing and process. Another smoking method is vaporizers. The device includes a chamber for cannabis oil, and as it heats up, it releases the active compounds as vapor. Small, portable and convenient, vapes are both convenient and discrete. They eliminate the small, ash and smoke of conventional smoking methods and minimize carcinogens. The process requires little more than pushing a button and inhaling. No extra equipment is necessary. There are both disposable and refillable vape pens. The menu of available edibles has expanded considerably in the last couple of years. There are now all different flavors of gummies, chocolate bars, hard candies and baked goods. They offer delayed and more intensive effects and are very easy to consume. A newer market has emerged around cannabis-infused beverages as an alternative to alcohol. There are a wide variety of drinks designed to provide unique flavors and quicker onset of effects than standard edibles. They offer a very easy way to be sure of dosage. 

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