Trying to find the right cannabis edible for you

The selection of cannabis edibles has greatly improved and expanded since the original weed brownies recreational enthusiasts baked at home. With marijuana becoming big business, more brands and strains are being introduced all the time. A great deal of effort has been put into creating edibles with a pleasant texture and flavor. Today there are cannabis-infused cooking oils as well as beverages and treats that don’t taste like marijuana. There are dispensaries with on-site bakeries where edibles are created fresh. They are sold as indicas for those who are looking for calming, relaxing, full-body effects. There are sativa edibles that cater to those who are looking for an energizing, mood-lifting, cerebral high. Hybrids that are either sativa-dominant or indica-dominant allow consumers to target specific potency levels, curative properties and effects. Plus, there are CBD edibles for anyone who wants to avoid the psychoactive effects. There is a huge selection of gummies in flavors from sour apple to sweet pineapple. There are white, milk and dark chocolate bars as well as peanut butter cups and caramels. There are baked goods including cookies, brownies and rice krispy treats. Capsules, mints, popcorn, granola and a growing number of cannabeers, mocktails and sodas are now on the shelves. For beginners, it’s important to start with a minimum dose and proceed slowly. Everyone reacts differently to cannabis and edibles can be tricky. Because the cannabinoids are processed through the digestive tract, the onset of effects can take anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes to set in. The effects also tend to be more intense.  

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