Why sativa strains may not be best for you

My friend George has struggled with anxiety for most of his life.  He told me once that he would get paranoid whenever he would accidentally make eye contact with random people in stores between the ages of two and five.  It was a forgotten memory until his mom mentioned it one day while they were chatting and eating lunch at a local restaurant.  Clearly it’s an early indication of his mental health issues being latent and coming to the surface at such a young age.  He is getting help for his current and past ailments, but it hasn’t been an easy road for George.  The first psychiatrist that he visited following his college graduation wasn’t the best doctor in the world, but he got George on a path towards mental wellness.  He prescribed him a mild mood stabilizer and it worked wonders for George’s daily struggles.  During this time, I was excited to witness George discover cannabis and better his life in a matter of mere months as a result.  He seemed much happier, full of energy, and determined for whatever life was willing to throw at him.  However, George learned quickly that there is a huge difference between the effects of a strong indica strain and the effects of a strong sativa strain.   For the first few trips to the cannabis dispensary, George was only buying indica strains as that’s what the budtenders recommended for people with a history of anxiety problems.  However, one uninformed budtender sold George a batch of Black Tuna once while telling him it was an indica.  That extremely potent sativa had George reeling with anxiety and it contributed to his chronic insomnia problems.  When I told him it was a sativa, he actually looked relieved and realized what had happened at the medical marijuana store.

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