Cannabis beverages have improved

There was a time when cannabis beverages were absolutely awful. The texture was similar to oatmeal and the flavor was much like chewing the raw cannabis plant. Over the last couple of years, cannabis beverages have risen in popularity due to major improvements in taste and consistency. Drinks are very easy to consume. Everyone drinks a variety of beverages throughout their day. Drinking cannabis doesn’t seem as big of a leap as smoking, dabbing or vaping. The selection of cannabis beverages on the market are quite easy to navigate. The consumer doesn’t need to be educated in strains, terpenes, weights and dosages. The packaging is straightforward. Beginners and cannabis veterans are giving drinks a try. The convenience of them is hard to beat. Rather than the process of grinding, rolling and lighting a joint, the drink requires nothing more than unscrewing the cap. There is no need for extra equipment. There is no smoke, ash, odors or mess. The sealed container is wonderfully portable. Just like someone can transport a bottle of water wherever they go, they can easily bring a cannabis drink. There are even shot-sized options available, which fit into a pocket. The precise measurement of cannabinoids included in each drink allows for consistent and controllable dosing. Cannabis-infused beverages make for a great substitute for alcohol. Consumers can enjoy the effects of relaxation, mellowing out, energy boost, enhanced creativity and a wide range of effects without the hangover the next day. There are cannabeers and mocktails that are great for social events. Cannabis-infused drinks can even be mixed with other non-alcoholic beverages to cater to personal preference for flavor.  

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