Why I like to smoke my cannabis from a vape

While smokable dried flower remains the most popular consumption method, cannabis vapes are quickly becoming a go-to choice for more and more recreational devotees and medicinal patients. For beginners, vapes provide simplicity. They don’t need to invest in an inventory of specialized gear. They don’t need to be an expert at packing a pipe or rolling a joint. With the convenience of a cannabis vape pen, they only need to push a button and inhale. A smaller puff minimizes effects. The higher end vapes offer precise control over dosing. Because consumers are turning to the more discreet alternative of vaporizers, there is an abundance of varieties on the markets. Seasoned connoisseurs can choose high THC ratios where those who prefer to avoid psychoactive effects can buy CBD options. There are indicas, hybrids and sativas for sale in disposable as well as refillable cartridges. The compact device fits easily into a purse or pocket. Along with helpful portability, vapes can be used without calling attention to the activity. There is no smoke or ash and the odor and vapor dissipates almost immediately. Rather than a combustion process, the vape heats cannabis oil to the point of vaporization. The lower heat levels leave desired plant compounds, such as terpenes and cannabinoids, intact. Most consumers find that vaping cannabis provides superior flavor. Plus, a significantly higher percentage of THC gets converted and consumed. Less quantity is required for the same effects. Another perk is that consumers are inhaling less carcinogens. The general consensus is that vapes are a healthier alternative to smoking.

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