Finally taking the medical marijuana route

I have really bad anxiety and for a long time, I just let it run wild. I am not from a family where popping pills or seeking help is the norm. Basically you don’t go to the doctor unless you are bleeding or think you are going to die. I finally had to seek professional help once my anxiety was affecting every area of my life. I couldn’t drive in my car without pulling over to stop a panic attack. I couldn’t function in work, maintain a relationship or even run errands. Before making a doctors appointment, I consulted google on what to do for anxiety. I was surprised when a lot of people told me about using medical marijuana. Apparently smoking the flower or using a cannabis oil will help my stress levels. A lot of people talked about feeling calmer and more relaxed after smoking medical grade weed. 

I figured getting a medical marijuana card would be next to impossible. My state only allows for medical marijuana and there are very few dispensaries in the area. Thankfully the process was extremely easy. I found a website that helped me get medical marijuana approval. Once I was approved I just needed to find a physician who can prescribe medical weed. That was super simple as well since there was a handy list online. The appointment was an in and out procedure. I told the physician about my issues with driving, work and daily life. He wrote me a prescription for both oil and flowers. After the marijuana card registration, a $75 fee and waiting a few weeks for my card, I was good to go.

I had the choice of three medical marijuana dispensaries and I chose based on the website. The medical marijuana store had everything from oils, flowers, edibles, tinctures, and topicals. The budtender working in the store was so great at recommending what strain and THC content was right for my issue. Now that I have medical grade weed to smoke, I haven’t had a panic attack since. I am able to socialize, work and go about life without my anxiety wrecking it.

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