It’s important to learn the differences between different marijuana strains

Most marijuana dispensaries have a menu in the lobby that details all of the products inside of the store. For a beginner or someone that is new to marijuana, this menu can often be overwhelming. Marijuana is a global industry estimated to be worth more than seven billion dollars, and that is projected to triple over the next year. One of the biggest reasons is due to the versatility and variety of strains. Different strains can produce different effects and that can be medically helpful in a variety of situations. It’s no wonder that medical marijuana is prescribed by a number of physicians for dozens of ailments. There are two main types of marijuana strains. The first strain is a sativa marijuana plant. Sativa strains such as Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, and Green Crack, are known for the energetic and uplifting effects. Sativa strains are ideal for daytime use, because they provide a nice high for your mind while increasing mental focus and creativity. Sativa strains ease the anxiety and pain while allowing the user to focus on everyday tasks. Indica strains like Granddaddy Purple, Bubba Kush, and Forbidden Fruit have sleepy, relaxed, and sedated effects. Indica strains are great for pain relief and insomnia and they are the perfect mix with CBD. Indica strains are great for bedtime. Hybrid strains can be a fun mix of both. Hybrid strains can often provide pain relief with a burst of focus and creativity. Hybrids that are dominant with either indica or sativa will lean in the direction of that specific strain. For instance, Blue Dream is a famous hybrid strain known for its sweet berry scent. It’s 80% sativa and 20% indica and the perfect balance for a daytime high. OG Kush is a great indica dominant hybrid at 75% and ranges around 25% THC. It offers lasting effects of euphoria and pain relief without complete sedation. Any good budtender can help you pick out the perfect cannabis product.

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