A legal cannabis dispensary offers so many options

Going to a cannabis dispensary can be a fun experience. For residents living in states that allow legal recreational cannabis, the options can be endless. While each cannabis dispensary will have different strains, every dispensary will offer the same type of products. In order to make a good choice, it’s important to be familiar with the selection. Most people think of flour when they think of marijuana. Flower is the whole bud form of the plant. It can be any shade of green, white, or even purple. Flower is often available in all three strain varieties of indica, sativa, and hybrid. Flower is a great way to introduce yourself to recreational marijuana. If you want an intermediate product, inhalants are a great choice. Inhalants are cannabis products that need to be smoked or vaped. These products require heat to activate the THC crystals. Concentrates come in many different forms such as wax, shatter, crumble, and RSO. Some concentrates such as distillate do not require any heat to activate the natural THC and they are very useful for cooking and baking. Another inhalation product is a vaping cartridge. Vaping cartridges come in half gram or full gram sizes and they are easy to use. The cartridge attaches to a battery and the battery uses a coil to heat the cannabis oil inside of the cartridge. The result is a thick cloud of vape and the relief is quite sudden. This is preferred to an edible where the results might take up to an hour to feel onset. Capsules are another great product that you can find in a marijuana dispensary. Capsules can come in different strengths and strains and they are one of the safest and easiest ways to administer medical or recreational cannabis. They have a long-lasting effect and are perfect for microdosing throughout the day. Some cannabis dispensaries even offer nasal spray, transdermal patches, muscle rubs and edible tinctures. Recreational marijuana comes in a variety of forms and there is something that everyone can find useful and interesting. 

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