Growing marijuana requires time, money, and patience

People who live in states where marijuana is legal can often grow plants at home in their own backyard. While growing weed is not legal everywhere, it can be a fun and rewarding experience for the daily pot smoker. The seeds, grow supplies, and instructions can be found online. The first step to growing marijuana is the perfect seed. A beginner should choose an auto flowering feminized seed because it will be the easiest to grow. After a few successful crops, you might try a few different strains at the same time. For the first time, it’s best to to stick with one or two plants. The second step is to find a container that will be the perfect home for your seed. Drainage is important, so the container should have plenty of holes. A 5 gallon bucket will do just fine. It’s important to choose the right soil mix. Choose a mix that has Earth friendly nutrients like compost, fish guts, earthworm castings, and bat guano. Growing pot requires a lot of patience and the perfect conditions. The light, humidity, and indoor temperatures will all affect the growing conditions and final marijuana product. In order to cultivate a quality plant, marijuana should be kept in a dry, warm space with plenty of light. Too much water can rot the roots and a dry root will crack and fall apart. After the marijuana plant has grown to a nice size, you can auto trigger the flowering process by changing the lighting pattern to a longer cycle of darkness. This will help your plant produce buds. This is a crucial step and one time when the marijuana plant will be most fragile. If you make it to the drying phase, you’re almost home. Drying buds need a few days to hang and then it’s on to the curing process. The average plant will yield one to two pounds or cannabis and they can last for months if they are stored properly.

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