A guide to searching for your local cannabis dispensary

When I moved to a new state it was difficult starting over. You don’t realize the knowledge you take for granted. When I moved to a new location I realized I had no clue who to call for HVAC repairs. I didn’t know what the local handyman’s number was. I also didn’t know what bank, grocery store or pizza shop was the best. I had to find these things out on my own or ask at local businesses like the hardware store. Gaining a list of people and services required a lot of work but was worth it overall. One thing that was tricky was finding weed near me. I moved to a pretty conservative town and even though recreational cannabis was legal, not many people partook in it. Finding a cannabis dispensary near me required more than a google search. There were tons of options just 15 minutes away from my house. The question is, which one do I go to? I ended up finding a website where local folks chat with one another. You can ask about mundane things like if the grocery store is open on Christmas or did anyone hear a popping noise around 2 am? In the chat forum I asked which dispensary near me was the best. Thankfully someone there was able to help me out. They recommended one dispensary because they have both cannabis delivery and pot pick-up available. The marijuana dispensary also has a large selection of edibles, topicals, oils and flower too. After stopping at the cannabis dispensary, I was pleased by the recommendation.

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