The cannabis industry is being revolutionized with technology and I love it!

A lot of people hate that things are shut down or there are restrictions due to the coronavirus. For me, the virus has made things so much better. I already work online, so my job didn’t change at all. Rather than driving to the grocery store, they now offer delivery. I can do virtual pet exams and HVAC inspections. The best is getting cannabis delivery. With my local marijuana dispensary I can choose to do cannabis delivery where they come to my door or do marijuana pick-up that is a curbside thing. I just need to have a photo ID, a credit card and then they hand it through the window. Pot pick-up is a cheaper option over cannabis delivery since I don’t pay a driver fee or the tip.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like getting out of the house. I will grab a few things at the store, do a deposit at the bank and do a cannabis pick-up while I am at it. I really don’t need to give my marijuana store all that much time. I can go online and pick out the exact list of cannabis products I want in under ten minutes. Then the dispensary usually requires an hour or two to put the order together. I then can do some errands and they will be ready to go. It seems to be the easiest for everyone. Sometimes I am a lazy slug and I want a pot brownie delivered to me. Getting marijuana delivery late at night is worth the small fee honestly. I feel like a king.

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