Finding a cannabis dispensary on our honeymooon!

Due to Covid, honeymoon destinations are limited. My fiance and I had originally planned to go to Norway for two weeks hiking, exploring fjords and kayaking. Then we changed to going to a tropical island. With the travel restrictions, Covid testing and requirements in order to leave the state, it just wasn’t worth it. The two of us choose to stay within the United States. At first I was really bummed about planning a trip that would be a short plane ride and not all that cool to say. After a little hunting around I did find there are a lot of neat places to go in the United States. I found destinations where we can hike and kayak. There are even waterfalls around too. I also found a location that has a really big city center and tons of marijuana shops. My fiance and I are not really big marijuana smokers. Our state is very conservative and recreational cannabis isn’t allowed yet. The state we are planning to honeymoon allows for recreational cannabis use and the two of us are sort of excited. I have never tried an edible before. I also have only smoked cannabis through a bong. I have no clue if I tried an indica or sativa. I also don’t know what a dab bar is. I am excited to try all those things. On our honeymoon the two of us plan to stop at a high end cannabis dispensary with a vape lounge and get baked out of our minds. It will be a fun little excursion that takes us away from all the hiking, planning and stress.

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