Being introduced to dabbing

Most medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers are at least familiar with smoking, vaping and edibles. Everyone has seen pre-rolled joints, vape pens and packaged gummies for sale. Dabbing still remains somewhat of a mystery. It might just be the most misunderstood consumption method. Newbies to marijuana are somewhat intimidated by the idea of it. Dabbing is simply a process of consuming concentrated cannabis oil by placing a small amount on a hot surface and letting it vaporize. The advantage is that dabbing provides the user nothing but the oil’s most potent flavor and effects. It maximizes the potential of cannabinoids and terpenes. Dabbing uses cannabis concentrate that is created by extracting the essential compounds of the cannabis plant. This is done with a chemical solvent such as propane, CO2, butane or by way of mechanical filtration screens. Concentrates are sold under many names. Wax, live resin, rosin, bubble hash, shatter, kief, budder and all sorts or varieties depend on the method and texture. These products are the concentrated form of cannabis and offer between 50 and 95% THC levels. They are especially potent. When the concentrate is dropped onto a hot surface, it bubbles away and provides a vapor that is sucked through a glass pipe that is called a dab rig. A dabbing setup requires the rig, the nail, the dabber and a torch for heating. The nail is attached to the rig and is the peice that is actually heated up. The dabber is the tool that holds the dab of concentrate. There are also e-nails that plug into the wall to maintain the nail at a consistent temperature. The equipment and process are rather involved. For anyone just getting started, dispensaries that include a dab bar are very helpful.

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