Categories for cannabis strains

At the cannabis dispensary, the products are typically divided into sativa, indica or hybrid.

Sativas are associated with a “head high.” They are expected to be energizing, invigorating and are used to reduce anxiety and stress.

Savias are good for elevating creativity and focus. Indicas are linked to full-body effects, including deep relaxation. They can be helpful for reducing insomnia and sometimes cause what’s known as “couch-lock,” because consumers are so at ease and comfortable. Hybrids are a combination of a sativa and indica parent plant. They are cultivated for specific therapeutic effects of extra high THC potency. However the terms indica, sativa and hybrid actually refer to where the plant was originally grown. There are some in the industry who are not satisfied with those terms. They prefer to classify strains as Type I with high THC, Type II with a combination of THC and CBD and Type III with high CBD. Rather than calling them strains, insiders are referring to chemovars or chemical varieties. They are trying to get away from the word strain because it is commonly used in relation to viruses and bacteria. Anyone who is new to cannabis can take reassurance from the three categories of sativa, indica and hybrid. These terms simplify the shopping experience. As consumers become more familiar with the different products and which ones provide their desired experience, it’s better to start paying more attention to THC/CBD ratios and the types of terpenes. With some experimentation and an open mind, there is a great deal of potential on the shelves of the dispensary.

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