The growing popularity of pre-rolls

Unless someone has spent a lot of time practicing, rolling a joint can be difficult, messy and frustrating. There’s waste and specialized gear required. If the finished product isn’t perfect, there are problems. A joint that won’t stay lit, burns way too fast or develops an overly long ash wrecks the experience. Fortunately, dispensaries offer recreational smokers a solution. A pre-roll is a ready-made joint. There was a time when consumers had no choice but to roll their own joints. Experience led to expertise. But even for those who are especially skilled, the process takes time and effort. With legalization of cannabis spreading and dispensaries opening their doors, the demand for ready-made smokeables has grown. The industry has answered with an extensive selection of pre-roll options. They are available in hundreds of strains from high to low THC potency. There are indicas, sativas and hybrids from well-respected brands such as Kiva Confections, Candescent, Dogwalkers and Jungle Boys. Each one is always rolled perfectly for an even, smooth and wonderful burn. There’s no need to purchase papers, a grinder or rolling tray. All it takes is the flick of a lighter to enjoy. Pre-rolls are especially affordable, making it less of an investment to sample something new. They are sold in singles for a few dollars or in packs for bigger savings. They can be infused with concentrate for a higher THC potency. They make a great option for beginners, gifting and sharing. They are also convenient, portable and disposable. The biggest concern with pre-rolls is quality. A super cheap pre-roll might seem like a deal when it’s actually hiding supar weed. 

marijuana pre-rolls

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