Why I prefer cannabis flower

One of the best selling products at most cannabis dispensaries is the pre-rolls. They are sold in singles and in packs and available in non-infused and infused varieties. There are all different strains and types of pre-rolls, including blunts. A blunt is a lot like a joint, but rather than standard rolling paper, it’s wrapped in a tobacco leaf paper. The paper offers the unique taste, smell, effect and burn time of blunts. There are consumers who prefer blunts to the point of smoking nothing else. Others don’t care for the stronger odors and flavors created by the tobacco leaf wrap. Rolling a blunt requires some experience and accessories. For anyone who would like to roll their own blunts, they need to purchase a grinder, cannabis bud and a rolling tray. The rolling paper is the most crucial piece of assembling a blunt. The brand of tobacco paper makes a difference. Blunt connoisseurs tend to be very particular and typically find a brand they use exclusively. It’s possible to buy a cigar or cigarillo, empty out the contents and reuse the paper. It can be filled with cannabis flower and then rolled into a blunt.

There is also the option of tobacco leaf paper that is not pre-filled. It normally takes around ten minutes to assemble a blunt. The weed should be ground up into very small and consistent bits and pieces for a smooth and even burn. Using a grinder helps to reduce damage to the trichomes. A cigar can be split lengthwise down the middle with a razor blade. After the tobacco has been discarded, moisten the paper. It can be licked or moistened with water but never totally saturated. It only needs to be moistened enough for ease of handling. With the wrap formed into a U-shaped trough, the ground-up marijuana is sprinkled inside to form a line down the full length. A rocking motion works to tamp down and even out the weed. The blunt needs to be shaped into a cylinder of uniform thickness.  With one edge tucked beneath the opposite side, the wrap should entirely encase the cannabis. Licking the inside of the wrap and then pressing down on top of the other edge will seal the blunt. It should be sealed from end to end. 

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