Types of medicinal cannabis

As the medicinal cannabis industry continues to grow, new products continue to be introduced.

Today there are hundreds of unique strains available. Many of the hybrids are created with specific effects and benefits in mind. The shelves of the medicinal dispensary frequently offer dozens of strains of smokable flower for packing into a pipe, filling a bong or rolling into a joint or blunt. For anyone who would rather not deal with the extra equipment, time and effort to roll up a joint, there is an abundance of pre-rolls. Pre-rolls are sometimes hand-rolled but most often machine-rolled for perfect consistency and a very even burn. They are sold in singles and packs and can be infused with concentrate for extra potency. Along with convenience, pre-rolls are wonderfully affordable. The singles are a great way for medicinal patients to experiment with new strains and potency without a big investment. A relatively new innovation is vaping. Cannabis cartridges provide the experience of smoking while minimizing carcinogens. There is relatively no odor or smoke, making vapes very discreet. They are available in disposable and refillable pens that require nothing more than the push of a button. Because the cannabis oil is only heated to the point of vaporization rather than combustion, the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes remain intact. Vapes offer incredible flavor and variety. Another discreet and simple consumption method is tinctures. With sublingual dosing the cannabis oil is placed under the tongue and allowed to be absorbed. The effects are felt within minutes. The small package and include dropper are ideal for portability and precision of dosing. Tinctures can also be mixed into smoothies, yogurts and favorite foods and beverages for the delayed effects of edibles.

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