Using marijuana to treat my acne

Man panicking because of pimples on the skin

In middle school and all the way up to early college, it is okay to have a few pimples here and there. Hormones are in full effect and the body is changing, it is natural that a person’s skin will change a bit. Acne was a constant part of my daily life. I tried all sorts of face cleansers from local pharmacies and even went to a dermatologist. I never could get my skin under control. As a young adult, I just dealt with it. After I graduated college and still looked like a 15 year old boy going through puberty, I started to research a little harder. I found that more and more people are now turning to cannabis for acne treatment. 

How does cannabis treat acne? Marijuana can actually reduce the amount of sebum the body produces. Sebum is the waxy, oily substance that clogs pores and creates those giant red bumps. Marijuana is also used to reduce inflammation in the body, typically for pain relief. However, marijuana can also make pimples look less red. Unlike most skin care products for acne treatment, marijuana doesn’t dry out the skin and remove the natural oils. It simply clears the skin in under a two week span. The CBD content is really what is the miracle for acne treatment.

At my local cannabis dispensary I have a few options for CBD infused products. I don’t want edibles due to the sugar and fat content. I also don’t like smoking. I found that I can do CBD oil or topicals with CBD content. The CBD oil is just a few drops in my morning tea. I also have a skin cream that smells like lavender but has CBD in it. Both those products have already worked wonders on my skin. I look like a whole new man and it is all because of marijuana!

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